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Open DevExpress Documentation from Visual Studio

  • 2 minutes to read

You can press the “F1” key in Visual Studio to open the DevExpress documentation (online or offline). Place the pointer in a DevExpress API member (class, property, field, method, and so on) and press F1.

The following image shows how to open Tree List API help topics from the Visual Studio IDE:

Open API in Visual Studio

Open DevExpress Documentation Online

If you have DevExpress .NET products installed, you can open the DevExpress online documentation from the Visual Studio IDE.

To view help topics online, go to the Help menu in Visual Studio and choose Set Help Preference > Launch in Browser.

Set to Launch in Browser

Open DevExpress Documentation Offline

If you already have a license for DevExpress .NET products, you can download the offline documentation installer from the DevExpress website and view DevExpress documentation without an internet connection.

To open help topics in the Help Viewer rather than a browser when you press F1, go to the Help menu in Visual Studio and choose Set Help Preference > Launch in Help Viewer.


Download DevExpress Offline Documentation

Follow the steps below to get the offline documentation installer:

  1. Navigate to the Download Manager web page:
  2. On this page, click the .exe or .zip link to download the .NET Product Documentation installer as an executable file or ZIP archive:

    Download DevExpress

    You can also download previous versions of the purchased product.

  3. After you download the setup program, run it to install the offline documentation.