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Trial .NET Controls Via NuGet

You can obtain an evaluation version of DevExpress .NET products (for both .NET Core and .NET Framework) via a NuGet feed. You can try .NET products on Windows, Mac OS, or Linux. You can also use any of the following IDEs: Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio for Mac, or JetBrains Rider.

Obtain Trial NuGet Feed For .NET Controls

Navigate to, log in or create an account, and click Obtain Feed URL.


Click Start Trial to obtain your personal feed URL. Your evaluation version access will expire in 30 days.

nuget obtain feed

Copy the generated URL and refer to the following help topic for installation instructions: Setup Visual Studio's NuGet Package Manager.

Upgrade to a Licensed Version

Once you have a have a license for DevExpress .NET products, the registered products become available in your personal NuGet feed.