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Obtain Your NuGet Feed Credentials

You can follow the steps below to obtain credentials (feed URL or authorization key) to access the DevExpress NuGet packages and use them in your projects.

  1. Go to, log in as a registered DevExpress customer and click Obtain Feed URL.



    You cannot obtain the Feed URL section if you do not have an active DevExpress subscription or trial. See the Trial .NET Controls Via NuGet topic for details.

  2. The subsequent page displays a unique NuGet Feed URL for your account. Use it to access DevExpress NuGet packages. If your feed URL was compromised, write to us at and request a new URL.


    The feed URL includes your personal feed authorization key. It is a substring between the .com/ and /api URL parts. Use this key as a password to access DevExpress NuGet packages with credentials.

  3. You now have access to DevExpress packages in IDEs (for example, Visual Studio) and CLIs (for instance, .NET CLI or NuGet CLI).

Next Steps