DataSourceWizardOptionBuilder.EnableCustomSql(Boolean) Method

Enables a user to specify a custom SQL string in the Data Source wizard.

Namespace: DevExpress.DashboardAspNetCore

Assembly: DevExpress.Dashboard.v20.1.AspNetCore.dll


public DataSourceWizardOptionBuilder EnableCustomSql(
    bool enableCustomSql
Public Function EnableCustomSql(
    enableCustomSql As Boolean
) As DataSourceWizardOptionBuilder


Name Type Description
enableCustomSql Boolean

true, to allow a user to specify a custom SQL string in the Data Source wizard; otherwise, false.


Type Description

A reference to this instance after the operation has completed.


Executing custom SQL queries is forbidden by default. Use the AllowExecutingCustomSql property to allow the Web Dashboard to execute SQL queries on the server side.


The use of custom SQL queries can lead to inadvertent or unauthorized modifications to your data/database structure. Therefore, make sure that you follow best practices and implement the appropriate end-user read/write privileges at the database level.

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