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Supported Controls and Actions

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There are four levels of Microsoft Coded UI Test (CUIT) support:

  1. Basic Record and Playback - Recorder identifies elements involved in an action via Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA).
  2. Rich Property Validation - A set of properties are defined for each DevExpress control on which a user can add assertions.
  3. Code Generation - Dedicated classes are generated for involved objects, making test methods more readable and maintainable.
  4. Aggregated Actions - An action is recorded using aggregated methods, not using low-level methods (such as mouse clicks).

All DevExpress WinForms controls provide support for CUIT level 1. Products covered in the following table also maintain levels 2 and 3 of CUIT support. Level 4 of CUIT support is maintained by the majority of the controls listed in this table. Corresponding aggregated actions for these controls are shown in the last column.


Controls and Components

Supported Aggregated Actions (Level 4 of CUIT Support)


Editors and controls

All mouse and keyboard actions that change the editor’s value, selected item, text selection, etc.


GridControl - GridView, BandedGridView, AdvBandedGridView

Changing the size, position and visibility of columns.

Data grouping and filtering, including filtering via the embedded Filter Editor.

Focusing cells and changing their values.

GridLookUpEdit and SearchLookUpEdit

Changing the editor’s value and auto-search text.



Docking bars; clicking baritems; editing bar item values.


Clicking items; item value editing.

Document Manager

Docking forms and dock panels.

Dock Manager

Docking dock panels.


Dragging tabs

Alert Control




Clicking items; dragging a splitter in the Navigation Pane.


Pivot Grid Control

Dragging field headers; resizing field values; cell selection and editing.


Print Preview

Dragging margins.


Print Preview

Dragging margins.



Changing the size, position and visibility of columns.

Changing row size.

Focusing cells and changing their values.

Expanding and checking nodes.

Data filtering, including filtering via the embedded Filter Editor.


VGridControl and PropertyGridControl

Dragging rows.

Focusing cells and changing their values.

Changing the size of columns, rows, multi-editor cells and bands.

Expanding and collapsing rows.


LayoutControl, DataLayoutControl



For actions not listed in this table, level 1 of CUIT support is maintained. These actions will be recorded by using mouse and keyboard events.