MVCxClientGlobalBeginCallbackEventArgs.customArgs Property

Gets an object containing specific information (if any, as name/value pairs) that should be passed as a request parameter from the client to the server side for further processing.


customArgs: any

Property Value

Type Description

A hash table object containing named values to be passed from the client to the server side via request parameters.


The customArgs property allows you to pass any required information collected on the client side to the server side for further processing within a controller action. You can assign the customArgs property with a named value which is then passed as a request parameter. On the server side, it can be accessed in the Request.Params collection by the given name.


function OnBeginCallback(s, e) {
            e.customArgs["Value1"] = 1;
            e.customArgs["Value2"] = 2;


public ActionResult MyView() {
            int myValue1 = !string.IsNullOrEmpty(Request.Params["Value1"]) ? int.Parse(Request.Params["Value1"]) : 0;
            int myValue2 = !string.IsNullOrEmpty(Request.Params["Value2"]) ? int.Parse(Request.Params["Value2"]) : 0;
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