MVCxClientChart Members

A client-side counterpart of the Chart extension.


Name Description
name Gets the unique, hierarchically-qualified identifier for the control. Inherited from ASPxClientControlBase.


Name Description
AdjustControl Modifies the control’s size against the control’s container. Inherited from ASPxClientControl.
AdjustControls static Modifies the controls size within the specified container. Inherited from ASPxClientControl.
Cast(obj) static Converts the specified object to the MVCxClientChart type.
GetChart Returns an ASPxClientWebChart object, which contains information about the hierarchy of a chart control, and provides access to the main properties of chart elements on the client side. Inherited from ASPxClientWebChartControl.
GetClientVisible Obsolete. Returns a value specifying whether a control is displayed. Inherited from ASPxClientControlBase.
GetControlCollection static Returns a collection of client web control objects. Inherited from ASPxClientControl.
GetHeight Returns the control’s height. Inherited from ASPxClientControl.
GetMainDOMElement Gets the main DOM (Document Object Model) element on a Web Page representing this ASPxClientWebChartControl object. Inherited from ASPxClientWebChartControl.
GetMainElement Returns an HTML element that is the root of the control’s hierarchy. Inherited from ASPxClientControlBase.
GetParentControl Returns a client instance of the control that is the parent for a specified control. Inherited from ASPxClientControlBase.
GetPrintOptions Returns the printing options of the chart control. Inherited from ASPxClientWebChartControl.
GetVisible Returns a value specifying whether a control is displayed. Inherited from ASPxClientControlBase.
GetWidth Returns the control’s width. Inherited from ASPxClientControl.
HitTest(x, y) Returns the specific chart element which is located under the test point. Inherited from ASPxClientWebChartControl.
InCallback Returns a value that determines whether a callback request sent by a web control is being currently processed on the server side. Inherited from ASPxClientControlBase.
LoadFromObjectModel(serializedChartObjectModel) Loads a chart which should be customized from its object model. Inherited from ASPxClientWebChartControl.
PerformCallback(data) Sends a callback with a parameter to update a Chart by processing the passed information on the server, in an Action specified via the Chart’s ChartControlSettings.CustomActionRouteValues property.
Print Prints the current chart on the client side. Inherited from ASPxClientWebChartControl.
SaveToDisk(format) Exports a chart to a file in the specified format, and saves it to disk, using the specified file name. Inherited from ASPxClientWebChartControl.
SaveToWindow(format) Exports a report to the file of the specified format, and shows it in a new Web Browser window. Inherited from ASPxClientWebChartControl.
SendMessageToAssistiveTechnology(message) Specifies the text that Assistive Technologies (screen readers or braille display, for example) will provide to a user. Inherited from ASPxClientControlBase.
SetChartSize(width, height) Specifies the chart size. Inherited from ASPxClientWebChartControl.
SetClientVisible(visible) Obsolete. Specifies whether a control is displayed. Inherited from ASPxClientControlBase.
SetCursor(cursor) Changes the mouse pointer, which is shown when the mouse is over the chart control, to the pointer with the specified name. Inherited from ASPxClientWebChartControl.

Specifies the control’s height. Note that this method is not in effect for some controls.

Inherited from ASPxClientControl.
SetVisible(visible) Specifies whether a control is displayed. Inherited from ASPxClientControlBase.
SetWidth(width) Specifies the control’s width in pixels. Inherited from ASPxClientControl.


Name Description
BeginCallback Occurs when a callback for server-side processing is initiated.
CallbackError Fires on the client if any server error occurs during server-side processing of a callback sent by the ASPxClientWebChartControl. Inherited from ASPxClientWebChartControl.
CustomDrawCrosshair Occurs before crosshair items are drawn when the chart’s contents are being drawn. Inherited from ASPxClientWebChartControl.
EndCallback Occurs on the client side after a callback’s server-side processing has been completed. Inherited from ASPxClientWebChartControl.
Init Occurs on the client side after the control has been initialized. Inherited from ASPxClientControlBase.
ObjectHotTracked Occurs on the client side when any chart element is hot-tracked. Inherited from ASPxClientWebChartControl.
ObjectSelected Occurs on the client side when any chart element is selected. Inherited from ASPxClientWebChartControl.
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