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ParagraphFormattingSettings Members

Contains paragraph formatting settings.


Name Description
alignment Specifies the paragraph alignment.
backColor Specifies the paragraph background color.
contextualSpacing Specifies whether to remove an additional space (contextual spacing) between paragraphs of the same style.
firstLineIndent Specifies the indent of the paragraph’s first line.
firstLineIndentType Specifies whether and how the paragraph’s first line is indented.
keepLinesTogether Specifies whether all lines in a paragraph should appear on the same page.
leftIndent Specifies the left indent for text in a paragraph.
lineSpacing Specifies a line spacing value.
lineSpacingType Specifies a spacing between lines in the paragraph.
outlineLevel Specifies the paragraph’s outline level.
pageBreakBefore Specifies whether a page break is inserted before the paragraph.
rightIndent Specifies the paragraph’s right indent.
spacingAfter Specifies the spacing after the paragraph.
spacingBefore Specifies the spacing before the paragraph.
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