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MVCxClientListBox.BeginCallback Event

Occurs when a callback for server-side processing is initiated.


BeginCallback: ASPxClientEvent<MVCxClientBeginCallbackEventHandler<MVCxClientListBox>>

Event Data

The BeginCallback event handler receives an argument of the MVCxClientBeginCallbackEventArgs type. The following properties provide information specific to this event.

Property Description
command Gets a command name that identifies which client action forced a callback to occur.
customArgs Gets an object containing specific information (if any, as name/value pairs) that should be passed as a request parameter from the client to the server side for further processing.


The BeginCallback event can be used to perform specific client-side actions (for example, to display and hide an explanatory text or picture) while a callback is being processed on the server side.

By handling the BeginCallback event, you can pass any required information from the client to the server via the MVCxClientBeginCallbackEventArgs.customArgs property.

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