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ChangeTableCellFormattingCommand.execute(settings) Method

Executes the ChangeTableCellFormattingCommand command with the specified parameter.


    settings: TableCellFormattingSettings
): boolean


Name Type Description
settings TableCellFormattingSettings

A TableFormattingSettings object specifying cell formatting of the selected table elements.


Type Description

true if the command has been successfully executed; false if the command execution has failed.


The command includes size parameters assigned in twips. Use the ASPxClientRichEdit.unitConverter to convert size measure units (inches, points, pixels, centimeters) to twips.

Usage example

var cellFormatSettings = {marginsSameAsTable: false, marginBottom: richEdit.unitConverter.pixelsToTwips(50)};

The vertical margin settings (top and bottom) for each table cell in a row is calculated by getting the maximum vertical margin values from all cells in the row.

The preferredWidth parameter allows you to specify a width value of selected table cells. The parameter is applied when the preferredWidth value of the whole table is cleared. The following code snippet demonstrates how to disable the width settings of the whole table and define the preferredWidth value for the selected table cells.

var tableSettings = {preferredWidth: {type: ASPx.TableWidthUnitType.Nil, value: 0}, resizeToFitContent: false};

var tableCellSettings = {preferredWidth: {type: ASPx.TableWidthUnitType.ModelUnits, value: richEdit.unitConverter.pixelsToTwips(75)}};
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