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ASPxClientSpreadsheet.GetCellValue(colModelIndex, rowModelIndex) Method

Gets the value of the specified cell.


    colModelIndex: number,
    rowModelIndex: number
): any


Name Type Description
colModelIndex number

An integer value specifying the cell’s column index.

rowModelIndex number

An integer value specifying the cell’s row index.


Type Description

An object representing the specified cell’s value.


The method might return an irrelevant value of the specified cell in the following cases:

  • The specified cell is not displayed on the screen. In this case, the method returns the null value.

For a better performance, the client-side control stores the values only for displayed data cells. To get a value of a cell located outside the displayed area, use the PerformCallback(parameter) method.

  • The document is used by more than one end-user.

The method returns a value that differs from the value stored on the server side if the document is open and does not receive updates from the server side while another end-user has updated the server-side value.

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