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ASPxClientSpreadsheet Events

A client-side equivalent of the ASPxSpreadsheet object.
Name Description
BeginCallback Occurs when a callback for server-side processing is initiated.
BeginSynchronization Fires after a client change has been made to the document and the client-server synchronization starts to apply the change on the server.
CallbackError Fires on the client if any server error occurs during server-side processing of a callback sent by the ASPxClientSpreadsheet.
CellBeginEdit Occurs before the cell editor is opened.
CellCancelEdit Occurs before the active cell’s editor is closed and the entered value is rolled back.
CellEndEdit Occurs before the cell editor is closed and the entered value is committed.
CustomCommandExecuted Occurs after a custom command has been executed on the client side.
DocumentChanged Fires if any change is made to the Spreadsheet’s document on the client.
EndCallback Occurs on the client side after a callback’s server-side processing has been completed.
EndSynchronization Fires after a document change has been applied to the server and server and client document models have been synchronized.
HyperlinkClick Occurs on the client side after a hyperlink is clicked within the Spreadsheet’s document.
Init Occurs on the client side after the control has been initialized. Inherited from ASPxClientControlBase.
PopupMenuShowing Occurs before the context menu is displayed and allows menu customization.
ProtectionWarning Occurs when attempting to edit a locked cell in a protected worksheet.
SelectionChanged Occurs on the client when a selection is changed in the ASPxSpreadsheet.
ViewModeChanged Occurs when the control’s view mode is changed.
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