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PopupWindow(XafApplication, TemplateContext, ICollection<Controller>) Constructor

Creates a new PopupWindow.

Namespace: DevExpress.ExpressApp.Web

Assembly: DevExpress.ExpressApp.Web.v19.1.dll


public PopupWindow(
    XafApplication application,
    TemplateContext context,
    ICollection<Controller> controllers
Public Sub New(
    application As XafApplication,
    context As TemplateContext,
    controllers As ICollection(Of Controller)


Name Type Description
application XafApplication

An XafApplication object that provides methods and properties to manage the current application. This value is assigned to the Frame.Application property.

context TemplateContext

A TemplateContext object representing the created Window's context. This value is assigned to the Frame.Context property.

controllers ICollection<Controller>

A ICollection<Controller> Controllers collection.


The constructor is used to create and initialize a new PopupWindow The Controllers passed via the controllers parameter are registered within the created Window (see the Frame.RegisterController method description).

This method is not designed to be used directly from your code. The currently set View Strategy creates pop-up Windows automatically via the XafApplication.CreatePopupWindow method.

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