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Member Table: Footer Summaries

Member Description
TcxTreeListColumnSummary.FooterSummaryItems and TcxTreeListSummary.FooterSummaryItems Specify a column‘s footer summary options.
TcxCustomDataSummaryItem.Kind and TcxCustomDataSummaryItem.Format Specify a footer summary’s type and the formatting pattern for footer summary values.
TcxTreeListNode.FooterSummaryValues, TcxTreeListSummary.FooterSummaryValues, TcxTreeListNode.FooterSummaryTexts, and TcxTreeListSummary.FooterSummaryTexts Provide access to the values and display values of footer summaries.
TcxTreeListSummaryItem.AllNodes Specifies a footer summary’s calculation base (all nodes or root level nodes).
TcxTreeListSummaryItem.CalculatedColumn Specifies the column that provides values for a footer summary.
TcxCustomTreeList.OnSummary Enables you to manually calculate footer summary values.
TcxCustomTreeList.OnAfterSummary Enables you to perform specific actions after footer summaries have been calculated.
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