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Create and Upload a Report

  • 3 minutes to read

This topic explains how to create a report and upload it to the Report Server.

Click New Report in the ribbon toolbar’s Report group to invoke the Report Wizard and create a new report.



If you are not logged on (for instance, you run the End-User Report Designer for the first time), the Login dialog is invoked when you click New Report.

Specify the server URL and authentication method. If you use Report Server authentication, specify your username and password.



To close the current connection and run the Login dialog once again, hold the SHIFT key and click New Report.

Create an Empty Report

Select Empty Report in the Report Wizard and click Finish to create an empty report.


The created report has no data bindings, and only contains a Detail Band, a Top Margin, and a Bottom Margin.


Create a Data-Bound Report

  1. Select Data-bound Report and click Next to create a data-bound report.


  2. Select a data source and click Next.


  3. Select the tables or views and click Next.


  4. Select fields. The list on the left shows all available fields. Check the item(s) and click Next.


    Note that steps 5 through 10 below are optional. Click Finish before you reach the last page to assign all remaining settings to their default values.

  5. Group data. Select a criteria field to add a group level, and click the right arrow button.


    Select a field from the list to add to a group level; select the group level from the list on the right, and click the arrow with the plus sign.

  6. Specify a summary function for any numeric data field.


  7. Select a report layout.


  8. Select a report style.


  9. Specify the report’s title and click Finish to exit the wizard.


  10. After you close the Report Wizard, the report is generated with the specified settings. Click Preview in the ribbon menu to view the result.


Create a Label Report

  1. Select Label Report and click Next.


  2. Choose the supplier from the Label Product combo box, and the specific product from the Product Number list. The label information at the bottom is updated for the selected product. Click Next to proceed to the next step.


  3. Adjust the settings which were automatically specified in the previous step. Click Finish to exit the Report Wizard.


  4. After the Report Wizard is closed, the report layout is generated according to the specified label paper settings.


  5. Drag-and-drop the controls onto the report detail band’s area to create the label report layout.


  6. The label report is now ready. Click Preview in the ribbon menu to view the result.


Create a Report Copy

  1. Select Report Copy and click Next to make a report’s copy.


  2. Select the report that you wish to copy and click Next.


  3. Specify the name, category, description and revision comment for the copy, and click Finish to exit the Report Wizard.


A report’s copy is created and loaded in the designer.

Upload a Report

Click Upload Report in the ribbon toolbar’s Report group to upload a new report to the Report and Dashboard Server.


In the invoked window, select the category to save the report within, or click New Category in the dialog’s toolbar to create a new category.


Specify the report name, description and revision comment.


Click Save to upload the report to the server storage.