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Project Converter

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The Project Converter allows you to update your .NET projects after you installed a new version of DevExpress components. You can run the Project Converter as a dialog window or as a console application.

DevExpress Project Converter

The Project Converter replaces references to outdated DevExpress assemblies with references to the most recent libraries. The converter updates the following files:

  • project files (.csproj and .vbproj);

  • resource files (.resx) for forms that were localized in the Visual Studio Form Designer;

  • web application files (Web.config, .aspx, .ascx, .asax, and .master);

  • other files (.cs, .vb, .xaml, .skin, .config, .config.xml, .licx, .svc, .refresh, .uitest, and .lsml).

Important Notes

  • Before you start upgrading a project, refer to the Upgrade Notes section and to the Breaking Changes page.
  • The Project Converter does not modify names of classes and API members.
  • You can use the Project Converter to update package versions in the PackageReferences format in your project. Project Converter does not support the old packages.config format.
  • The Project Converter does not upgrade DevExpress / DevExtreme npm packages version listed in the package.json file. You should update the version manually.
  • The Project Converter does not substitute assemblies that are placed in a project’s bin folder. To upgrade the bin folder content, select Build > Clean Solution in Visual Studio’s main menu and rebuild the project.
  • Use the Localization Service to download the latest version of localization resources. The service allows you to copy your existing translations to a different DevExpress assembly version.

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