DXSeriesLabel Class

The base storage of series point label settings.


@interface DXSeriesLabel: DXChartElement




hidden Property

Gets or sets the value that specifies whether series point labels should be hidden.


@property (readwrite) DXDefaultBoolean hidden

Property Value

Type Description

DXDefaultBooleanNo: labels should be visible; DXDefaultBooleanYes: labels should be hidden; DXDefaultBooleanDefault: visibility of labels depends on series type.

indent Property

Gets or sets an indent from a data point to its label.


@property (readwrite) CGFloat indent

Property Value

Type Description

The distance between data point and its label, in screen points.


Note that for a bar series, if its label position is insideBottom or insideTop, this property specifies label margin.

textPattern Property

Gets or sets a text pattern specifying a text which a series point label displays.


@property (readwrite, copy, nonatomic, nullable) NSString *textPattern

Property Value

Type Description
NSString *

The text pattern.


The following placeholders are available for series point labels.

Placeholder Description
{S} Displays a series name.
{A} Displays a series point argument.
{L} Displays a pie series point label.
{V} Displays a series point value.
{VP} Displays a series point value as percentages.
{W} Displays a Bubble series point weight.
{O} Displays a financial series point open value.
{H} Displays a financial series point high value.
{L} Displays a financial series point low value.
{C} Displays a financial series point close value.
{HV} Displays a range bar series point max value.
{LV} Displays a range bar series point min value.

These values can be formatted using default format strings after the $ sign. For example, in the {VP$#.##} string, VP is a placeholder, $ is a format string separator, and #.## is a format string.

Note that you can format values which replaces placeholders, using the default format patterns. For example, to show two decimal places, use the {V$.##} pattern.

textProvider Property

Gets or sets a provider that configures the label text based on a specific logic that processes data point values.


@property (readwrite, nullable) id<DXSeriesLabelTextProvider> textProvider

Property Value

Type Description

The object of a class adopting the DXSeriesLabelTextProvider protocol that configures a label text.