Dashboard Item Menu

The dashboard item menu allows you to configure a dashboard item. This menu includes an interface to supply a dashboard item with data, specify interactivity settings, etc.


The dashboard item menu consists of pop-up panels that are invoked with the buttons listed in the table below.

Icon Name Description
wdd-dashboard-item-menu-move Move Allows you to customize a dashboard item layout using drag-and-drop operations. To learn more, see Dashboard Items Layout.
wdd-dashboard-item-menu-bindings Binding Invokes the Binding menu that allows you to create and modify data binding of the selected dashboard item.
wdd-dashboard-item-menu-filters Filters Invokes the Filters menu that allows you apply filters on a dashboard item.
wdd-dashboard-item-menu-interactivity Interactivity Invokes the Interactivity menu that contains settings affected by interaction between various dashboard items.
wdd-dashboard-item-menu-options Options Invokes the Options menu that contains specific options and settings related to the current dashboard item. Settings can be combined into sections like Common, Legend, Colors, etc.
wdd-dashboard-item-menu-convert-to Convert To Invokes the Convert To dialog that allows you to convert or duplicate the current item.
wdd-dashboard-item-menu-delete Delete Deletes the current dashboard item from the dashboard surface.