ChangeSectionColumnsCommand.execute(columns) Method

Executes the ChangeSectionColumnsCommand command with the specified parameter.


execute(columns: SectionColumn[]): boolean


Name Type Description
columns SectionColumn[]

An array of SectionColumn objects.


Type Description

true if the command has been successfully executed; false if the command execution has failed.


The command includes size parameters assigned in twips. Use the ASPxClientRichEdit.unitConverter to convert size measure units (inches, points, pixels, centimeters) to twips.

The parameter array's length defines the number of columns in the section. Each array element stores the settings of a corresponding column.

Usage example:

var firstColumn = {
    width: richEdit.unitConverter.pixelsToTwips(200),
    spacing: richEdit.unitConverter.pixelsToTwips(20)

var secondColumn = {
    width: richEdit.unitConverter.pixelsToTwips(300),
    spacing: 0

richEdit.commands.changeSectionColumns.execute([firstColumn, secondColumn]);
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