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ASPxClientGaugeControl Class

Represents the client ASPxGaugeControl.


declare class ASPxClientGaugeControl extends ASPxClientControl


This example demonstrates how change the ASPxGaugeControl's value using an ASPxSpinEdit.

The spin editor's ValueChanged event is handled to call the gauge's client-side ASPxClientGaugeControl.PerformCallback method, passing the spin editor's value. As a result, the ASPxGaugeControl.CustomCallback event is raised, and the spin editor's new value, specified by the e.Parameter property, is assigned to the ASPxGaugeControl.Value property. After a custom callback has been performed, the ASPxGaugeControl is automatically re-rendered.

The animation below, shows the result:


protected void ASPxGaugeControl2_CustomCallback(object source,
                  DevExpress.Web.CallbackEventArgsBase e) {
    ASPxGaugeControl2.Value = e.Parameter;


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