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IModelOptionsWeb.ListViewEnableColumnChooser Property

Specifies whether the column chooser is enabled.

Namespace: DevExpress.ExpressApp.Web.SystemModule

Assembly: DevExpress.ExpressApp.Web.v19.1.dll


bool ListViewEnableColumnChooser { get; set; }
Property ListViewEnableColumnChooser As Boolean

Property Value

Type Default Description


true, if the column chooser is enabled; otherwise, false.


This property is considered for List Views that use the ASPxGridListEditor. The column chooser allows you to add and remove columns from a List Editor at runtime by using drag & drop. It contains headers of the hidden columns. These are the columns that have the Index property of the Application Model's Views | <ListView> | Columns | <Column> node set to "-1".


To invoke the column chooser, right click the List Editor's column captions region and select "Column Chooser". You can drag a column by its header and drop it within the column chooser's region to stop the column from being displayed in a List Editor. The make the column reappear, drag its header from the column chooser and drop it to the List Editor's column captions region. You can also sort the List Editor's content by a hidden column. To do this, invoke the column chooser and click the required hidden column.

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