SnapDocument Events

A central element of a Snap application that constitutes a report document and accounts for the creation and editing of a Snap report.
Name Description
AfterInsertSnList Occurs after the list has been inserted into a document.
AfterInsertSnListColumns Occurs after inserting columns into the target list.
AfterInsertSnListDetail Occurs after the detail section has been added to the list.
AfterInsertSnListRecordData Fires after adding new fields to a document.
BeforeFillExcelDataSource Occurs before data is extracted from the Microsoft Excel workbooks (XLS, XLSX or XLSM files) or CSV files.
BeforeInsertSnList Occurs before a new list is created.
BeforeInsertSnListColumns Occurs before a new set of columns is created.
BeforeInsertSnListDetail Occurs before a new detail list is created.
BeforeInsertSnListRecordData Fires when adding fields to a list without using hot zones (this is only possible if the target list has been previously converted to paragraphs).
CalculateDocumentVariable Fires when the DOCVARIABLE field is updated. Inherited from Document.
ConfigureDataConnection Allows you to customize connection settings before connecting to a database.
ConnectionError Fires after an attempt to establish a data connection has failed.
ContentChanged Occurs when the document content was changed. Inherited from Document.
CustomFilterExpression Allows you to include WHERE clauses in SQL queries.
DataSourceChanged Occurs when the data source has been changed.
ModifiedChanged Occurs when the document content has been modified since it was last saved. Inherited from Document.
PrepareSnList Occurs after generating a list template.
PrepareSnListColumns Occurs for every added column after its body and header templates are created.
PrepareSnListDetail Occurs after generating a detail list template.
TrackedMovesConflict Occurs when moved text has been changed since it was moved. Inherited from Document.
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