Project Converter

The Project Converter tool is installed with DevExpress .NET components. It is used to update your projects when you install a new version of DevExpress .NET components.


To update a project, run this tool as a console application or invoke the dialog from Visual Studio menu.



The Project Converter replaces references to outdated DevExpress assemblies in your projects with references to the most recent libraries. The following files are updated during the conversion process:

  • project files (.csproj and .vbproj);
  • resource files (.resx) for forms that were localized in the Visual Studio Form Designer;
  • web application files (Web.config, .aspx, .ascx, .asax and .master);
  • other files, including .cs, .vb, .xaml, .skin, .config, .config.xml, .licx, .svc, .refresh, .uitest, and .lsml.

Video Tutorial

Important Notes

  • The Project Converter does not automatically substitute assemblies that are in your project's /Bin folder. To upgrade your /Bin folder, choose BUILD | Clean Solution in Visual Studio's main menu and rebuild the project.
  • Before upgrading your project, review the Upgrade Notes document and the Breaking Changes page.
  • You can download the latest version of the corresponding localization resources using the Localization Service. You can also copy your existing translations and apply them to a different DevExpress assembly version.