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ASPxClientDashboardItemDataAxisPointTuple Class

Represents a tuple of axis points.


declare class ASPxClientDashboardItemDataAxisPointTuple


A ASPxClientDashboardItemDataAxisPointTuple object uniquely identifies a section in a ASPxClientDashboardItemData object by defining a set of axis points from different data axes (the ASPxClientDashboardItemDataAxis class).

This set does not have to include axis points from all of the axes in a ASPxClientDashboardItemData object.

To obtain the axis point belonging to the specified axis, pass the name of the required axis to the ASPxClientDashboardItemDataAxisPointTuple.GetAxisPoint method.

See Also


GetAxisPoint Method

Returns the axis point belonging to the default data axis.


GetAxisPoint(axisName?: string): ASPxClientDashboardItemDataAxisPoint

Optional Parameters

Name Type Default Description
axisName string null


Type Description

An ASPxClientDashboardItemDataAxisPoint object that is the axis point.