Charts for Android / Xamarin.Android

DevExpress Charts for Android is a powerful visualization library that enables you to display your data with bars, areas, lines and in many other forms.

Import the library

Import Charts for Android into Android Studio or Visual Studio (Xamarin Studio) to use the library in your project.

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Getting Started

These guides introduce DevExpress Charts Suite for Android. You will develop two applications - the first compares the area of the largest countries by land mass using a Pie Chart and another displays the GDP of 3 countries using Line series in a Cartesian Chart.

Lesson 1: Pie Chart | Lesson 2: Cartesian Chart


Android API Reference | Xamarin.Android API Reference

Common Chart Features

This section contains information about all the common features of the Pie and Cartesian chart types.

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Pie chart

The DevExpress Pie Chart allows you to visualize your data in a Pie (Circular) chart.

Pie chart

Learn more about the Pie chart view

Cartesian chart

The DevExpress Chart allows you to visualize your data in a Cartesian (XY) chart.

Cartesian chart

Learn more about the Cartesian chart view