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How to: Apply Conditional Formatting to Grid Cells using the Icon Ranges Format Condition

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Range conditions (FormatConditionRangeSet) allow you to use predefined or custom sets of icons/colors to apply conditional formatting to different ranges of values.

This example shows how to apply conditional formatting to Grid cells using a predefined set of icons. Use the Update Formatting button to change the number of ranges, specify new range boundaries and customize icons corresponding to existing ranges.

using DevExpress.DashboardCommon;

namespace Grid_IconRangeCondition {
    public partial class Form1 : DevExpress.XtraEditors.XtraForm {
        public Form1() {
            Dashboard dashboard = new Dashboard(); dashboard.LoadFromXml(@"..\..\Data\Dashboard.xml");
            dashboardViewer1.Dashboard = dashboard;
            GridDashboardItem grid = (GridDashboardItem)dashboard.Items["gridDashboardItem1"];
            GridMeasureColumn extendedPrice = (GridMeasureColumn)grid.Columns[1];

            GridItemFormatRule rangeRule = new GridItemFormatRule(extendedPrice);
            FormatConditionRangeSet rangeCondition = 
                new FormatConditionRangeSet(FormatConditionRangeSetPredefinedType.PositiveNegative3);
            rangeRule.Condition = rangeCondition;


        private void button1_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e) {
            GridDashboardItem grid = 
            GridItemFormatRule rangeRule = grid.FormatRules[0];
            FormatConditionRangeSet rangeCondition = (FormatConditionRangeSet)rangeRule.Condition;
            RangeInfo range3 = rangeCondition.RangeSet[2];
            range3.Value = 50;
            range3.StyleSettings = 
                new IconSettings(FormatConditionIconType.DirectionalYellowUpInclineArrow);

            RangeInfo range4 = new RangeInfo();
            range4.Value = 75;
            range4.StyleSettings = 
                new IconSettings(FormatConditionIconType.IndicatorCircledGreenCheck);

            rangeRule.Condition = rangeCondition;
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