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DevExpress.ExpressApp.Web Namespace

Contains interfaces and classes that are specific to XAF ASP.NET Web applications.

Assembly: DevExpress.ExpressApp.Web.v19.1.dll


Name Description
ControlsCreatingEventArgs Provides data for the WebApplication.ControlsCreating event.
CustomSendErrorNotificationEventArgs Arguments passed to the ErrorHandling.CustomSendErrorNotification event.
CustomSendMailMessageEventArgs Arguments passed to the ErrorHandling.CustomSendMailMessage event.
ErrorHandling Provides static members for the error handling in ASP.NET applications.
NeedToCacheErrorInfoEventArgs Represents arguments passed to the NeedToCacheErrorInfoEventArgs event.
PopupShowingEventArgs Arguments, passed to the PopupWindowManager.PopupShowing event.
PopupWindow A pop-up Window used in ASP.NET Web applications.
PopupWindowManager Provides methods and events for managing popup windows in ASP.NET applications.
RenderHelper static Exposes static helper methods that create and set up ASP.NET Web controls.
ShowViewStrategy Represents the Show View Strategy used in XAF ASP.NET Web applications by default.
ViewUrlManager Manages URL routing and implements user-friendly URL functionality in ASP.NET applications.
WebApplication Manages an ASP.NET XAF application.
WebApplicationStyleManager Exposes static properties used to enable/disable the upper case usage in labels and captions.
WebViewShortcutHelper static Provides the methods to specify which View's parameters the ViewShortcut dictionary may contain.
WebWindow A Window used in ASP.NET Web applications.
XafRouteHelper static Provides the extension method that registers URL routes in an ASP.NET application.


Name Description
IModelListViewStateStore Used to extend the Application Model's ListView node.
IModelOptionsStateStore Used to extend the Application Model's Options node.
ISupportModelSaving Declares members implemented by an ASP.NET Web List Editor to support saving user-customized List View settings in the Application Model settings storage.
IViewUrlManager Declares methods used to manage URL routing.