CustomizePopupWindowSizeEventArgs(String, PopupTemplateType, ShowPopupMode, Unit, Unit, Frame, Frame, ShowViewSource) Constructor

Creates a new instance of the CustomizePopupWindowSizeEventArgs class.

Namespace: DevExpress.ExpressApp.Web.Controls

Assembly: DevExpress.ExpressApp.Web.v18.2.dll


public CustomizePopupWindowSizeEventArgs(
    string contentUrl,
    PopupTemplateType popupTemplateType,
    ShowPopupMode showPopupMode,
    Unit width,
    Unit height,
    Frame sourceFrame,
    Frame popupFrame,
    ShowViewSource showViewSource
Public Sub New(
    contentUrl As String,
    popupTemplateType As PopupTemplateType,
    showPopupMode As ShowPopupMode,
    width As Unit,
    height As Unit,
    sourceFrame As Frame,
    popupFrame As Frame,
    showViewSource As ShowViewSource


Type Name Description
String contentUrl

The String which is the content URL.

PopupTemplateType popupTemplateType

A PopupTemplateType enumeration value specifying the template for the pop-up window display in the new web UI.

ShowPopupMode showPopupMode

A ShowPopupMode enumeration value specifying the transition for the pop-up window in the new web UI.

Unit width

An Unit value which is the width of the pop-up window in pixels or percents.

Unit height

An Unit value which is the height of the pop-up window in pixels or percents.

Frame sourceFrame

Refers to a Frame object, from which the pop-up window is invoked.

Frame popupFrame

Refers to a Frame object, which will be shown in the target pop-up window.

ShowViewSource showViewSource

A ShowViewSource object containing a set of parameters that specify the context from which the ShowViewStrategyBase.ShowView method has been invoked.

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