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ModificationsController.SaveAndNewAction Property

Provides access to the ModificationsController's SaveAndNew Action.

Namespace: DevExpress.ExpressApp.SystemModule

Assembly: DevExpress.ExpressApp.v18.2.dll


public SingleChoiceAction SaveAndNewAction { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property SaveAndNewAction As SingleChoiceAction

Property Value

Type Description

A SingleChoiceAction object representing the Save and New Action.


The SaveAndNew Action is intended to commit the changes made to the current Detail View's object, create a new object and show it in a new Detail View form. The ChoiceActionBase.Items collection is populated by the elements of the RecordsNavigationController.NextObjectAction's Items collection. The default selected item is the one that corresponds to the current View's object type.


In ASP.NET applications, the New Action's Items collection only contains items that correspond to the current View's object type and its descendants. So, the SaveAndNew Action will contain only these items. The types that are lised in the Application Model's IModelCreatableItems node can be created via the WebNewObjectViewController.NewRootObjectAction (NewObjectViewController.NewObjectAction).

This Action's Execute event is handled by the SaveAndNew protected method of the ModificationsController.

The SaveAndNew Action is active when the current View is root (see View.IsRoot) and the View is displayed in edit mode (see DetailView.ViewEditMode). In addition, the active state directly depends on the NewObjectViewController.NewObjectAction's active state.

When the New Action is disabled, the SaveAndNew Action is disabled as well.

Information on the SaveAndNew Action is available in the Application Model's IModelActionDesign node. To access it, use the Model Editor.

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