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IExportableAnalysisEditor.Printable Property

Specifies the IPrintable control of the current exportable analysis editor.

Namespace: DevExpress.ExpressApp.SystemModule

Assembly: DevExpress.ExpressApp.v18.2.dll


IPrintable Printable { get; set; }
Property Printable As IPrintable

Property Value

Type Description

An IPrintable control of the current exportable analysis editor.


The ExportAnalysisController uses the XtraPrintingLibrary to perform export operations under an analysis editor's control. This library exposes types that export data from the controls that implement the IPrintable interface. So, the Export Analysis Controller exports data only from the editors whose control implements the IPrintable interface. To access the printable control of the current exportable analysis editor, use the Printable property.

It may be required to change the current control to be exported, when implementing a custom IExportableAnalysisEditor Property Editor. In this instance, trigger the IExportableAnalysisEditor.PrintableChanged event in the Printable property's setter, to notify the ExportAnalysisController that the ExportAnalysisController.ExportAction should be updated.

public IPrintable Printable {
    get { return printable; }
    set {
        if(printable != value) {
            printable = value;
            if(PrintableChanged != null) {
                PrintableChanged(this, new PrintableChangedEventArgs(printable));
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