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PermissionSettingHelper.AddMemberPermission(IPermissionPolicyTypePermissionObject, String, String, String, Nullable<SecurityPermissionState>) Method

Adds the member permission to the current type permission.

Namespace: DevExpress.ExpressApp.Security

Assembly: DevExpress.ExpressApp.Security.v18.2.dll


public static IPermissionPolicyMemberPermissionsObject AddMemberPermission(
    this IPermissionPolicyTypePermissionObject typePermission,
    string operations,
    string members,
    string criteria,
    SecurityPermissionState? State


Name Type Description
typePermission DevExpress.Persistent.Base.IPermissionPolicyTypePermissionObject

An IPermissionPolicyTypePermissionObject object specifying the type permission.

operations String

A string containing the semicolon-separated list of security operations. Operation names and their delimiter are defined by string constants declared in the static SecurityOperations class.

members String

A string containing the semicolon-separated list of target member names.

criteria String

A string containing the criteria expression that specifies the target object(s).

State Nullable<SecurityPermissionState>

A SecurityPermissionState enumeration value specifying if access is granted or denied.


Type Description

A DevExpress.Persistent.Base.IPermissionPolicyMemberPermissionsObject object specifying the added member permission.

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