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ReportsModule.ReportDataType Property

Specifies the report data type used by the Reports module.

Namespace: DevExpress.ExpressApp.Reports

Assembly: DevExpress.ExpressApp.Reports.v19.1.dll


public Type ReportDataType { get; set; }
<TypeConverter(GetType(BusinessClassTypeConverter(Of IReportData)))>
Public Property ReportDataType As Type

Property Value

Type Description

A Type object specifying the report data type used by the Reports module.


Use this property to specify a custom report data type to be used by the Reports module. For additional information, refer to the Use a custom Report Business Class section of the Reports Module in Windows Forms Applications help topic.


The Report Designer uses the ReportsModule.ReportDataType property to create a new persistent object or load an existing one from a database when designing an XtraReport. This aspect means that you can use the Report Designer to create and design XtraReport objects that will be stored using an object of the persistent type specified in the ReportModule.ReportDataType or its descendants. By default, the ReportData type is used. The ReportName property value is used to find a report in the database, so this property value should be unique to load a proper ReportData object.

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