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PopupWindowShowActionExecuteEventArgs Class

Represents arguments passed to a Pop-up Window Show Action's PopupWindowShowAction.Execute event.

Namespace: DevExpress.ExpressApp.Actions

Assembly: DevExpress.ExpressApp.v18.2.dll


public class PopupWindowShowActionExecuteEventArgs :
Public Class PopupWindowShowActionExecuteEventArgs
    Inherits SimpleActionExecuteEventArgs


The PopupWindowShowActionExecuteEventArgs class declares properties specific to the PopupWindowShowAction.Execute event. This event is designed to execute custom code when clicking the accept button on a Pop-up Window Show Action's pop-up Window. You can handle this event to execute custom code and specify whether to close the pop-up window.

This class is inherited from the SimpleActionExecuteEventArgs class. Use the inherited SimpleActionExecuteEventArgs.CurrentObject and SimpleActionExecuteEventArgs.SelectedObjects properties to access the current and selected objects of the pop-up window's parent View. Use the PopupWindowShowActionExecuteEventArgs.PopupWindowViewCurrentObject and PopupWindowShowActionExecuteEventArgs.PopupWindowViewSelectedObjects properties to access the current and selected objects of the View displayed within the pop-up Window. To access the popup Window itself, use the PopupWindowShowActionExecuteEventArgs.PopupWindow property.


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