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XAF0008: The current Visual Studio version is not supported or .NET 5.0+ SDK is not installed

Severity: Warning

The Model Editor for .NET Core 3+ and .NET 5+ projects requires that the Visual Studio version is 16.8+ and .NET 5.0+ SDK is installed on your machine. Violation of this rule may lead to Model Editor issues.

How to Fix

Update Visual Studio to v16.8+ and ensure that .NET 5.0+ SDK is installed on your machine.

How to Suppress this Warning

Refer to the following Microsoft article to learn how to suppress warning messages for a specific project: How to: Suppress compiler warnings.

To suppress warning messages for all projects in a solution, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the “Directory.Build.props” file or create it in the root directory of your solution. For more information, refer to the following article: Customize your build: Directory.Build.props and Directory.Build.targets.
  2. In the NoWarn section, specify codes of warnings that you want to suppress. Use semicolons to separate codes: