Access List Control Properties

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This topic describes how to customize the default List View List control (that is an XAF wrapper for the DevExtreme List widget) in Mobile applications by implementing a new View Controller to change the background color of List Views the built-in MobileListEditor displays.

Follow the steps below to access the List control's settings:

  • Add a View Controller to the MySolution.Module.Mobile project's Controllers folder as described in the Comprehensive Tutorial's Add a Simple Action lesson. Name this Controller "MobileListBackgroundColorController".
  • Replace the default Controller's code with the following code:

    using DevExpress.ExpressApp;
    using DevExpress.ExpressApp.Mobile.Editors;
    using System.Collections.Generic;
    using System.Drawing;
    // ...
    public partial class MobileListBackgroundColorController : ViewController {
        public MobileListBackgroundColorController() {
            TargetViewType = ViewType.ListView;
            TargetObjectType = typeof(Department);
        protected override void OnViewControlsCreated() {
            MobileListEditor listEditor = ((ListView)View).Editor as MobileListEditor;
            if (listEditor != null) {
                Dictionary<string, string> styles = (Dictionary<string, string>)listEditor.Control["style"];
                styles["background-color"] = ColorTranslator.ToHtml(Color.FromArgb(244, 244, 244));

    The code above gets the ListEditor using the ListView.Editor property to access the List View's List control. List Editors are used to bind data to a List View's control. XAF provides several types of built-in Mobile List Editors; the MobileListEditor is used to show a simple list of objects by default. The List Editor's Control property returns the List control which displays data using the List widget.

  • Run the Mobile application and open the Department List View. Ensure that it has a custom background color.


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