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Localization Module Overview

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The Localization Mobile Module allows you to localize your application or automatically enable the appropriate UI language depending on the browser settings.


You can see a Localization Mobile Module demonstration in the Main Demo that is shipped with XAF. The MainDemo application is installed in %PUBLIC%\Documents\DevExpress Demos 17.2\Components\eXpressApp Framework\MainDemo by default.


Available Localization Cultures

The Localization Mobile Module allows to automatically translate your application to one of the following languages: de, en, ja and ru (en is the default language). You can also create your own dictionary or modify an existing one as described in the How to: Add a Custom Localization Dictionary to a Mobile Application topic.

Module Architecture

The Localization Mobile Module comprises a single Mobile-specific LocalizationMobileModule component that can be added to corresponding application projects in the Application Designer.


This Module has client and server parts:

  • Server Side

    On the server side, this Module collects localization values from the Application Model and send them to the client side. On this side, the Module also processes user requests according to the application language.

    When an application is built using the PhoneGap, DevExtreme localization dictionaries are loaded and archived in a ZIP-file with the other application files. So, the localization recourses are available without an internet connection.

  • Client Side

    On this side, the Localization Mobile Module applies the required localization dictionaries to the application.

Apply Localization to a Mobile Application

The Localization Mobile Module automatically determines the browser's language using the Navigator language property and applies this language if the application's IModelApplication.PreferredLanguage property is set to (User language).

To specify which language the application should use, set the IModelApplication.PreferredLanguage property to the target language as described in the Localization Basics topic.

You can also change the application's localization on the client side at runtime using the approach described in the How to: Change a Mobile UI Language at Runtime topic.


XAF uses the native calendar to display DateTime properties on a mobile device, and Localization Mobile Module cannot change this behavior.

Refer to the How to: Localize an XAF Application topic to learn more about the XAF application localization process.

Localization Resources Cache

The Localization Mobile Module cashes localization resources in the Mobile application's resourcescache folder the first time the application starts. It helps to reduce application loading time when you subsequently start it and avoid starting an application before all its localization resources are loaded.

Include this folder with cache files in the Mobile application project before building the application's production version or paste this folder in an application's directory on the IIS-server while deploying an application. Note that this folder is only created if you start the application. The following image demonstrates how to include the resourcescache folder in your application: