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Install the Application to a Smartphone

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This topic describes how to build the mobile application using PhoneGap and install it to your mobile device.

The quickest way to try the application on a smartphone is to run the application in a simulator and scan the QR-code displayed to the right. In this case, the application will load in the mobile browser. Note that the application needs to be deployed to a public server. This server should be accessible from your smartphone. For additional information about application deployment, refer to the following topics. They are applicable for both ASP.NET and Mobile applications.

Before application deployment, study the Deployment Recommendations for ASP.NET and Mobile Applications topic. Also, ensure that the WCF HTTP Activation feature is enabled on the server.

If you want to compile the same application as an actual mobile application using PhoneGap, download the application ZIP-file using the Build application for mobile button.


After you've downloaded the file, navigate to, create an account if necessary, and upload the resulting ZIP. Click Ready to build and PhoneGap will compile the application for all supported platforms. Then, the web-page will display the QR-code, which you can scan to install the compiled application. For details, refer to PhoneGap documentation.

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