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Business Model Design with Entity Framework 6 (Maintenance Mode)

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Microsoft has moved EF 6 into maintenance mode, and as such, EF 6 will not mirror XAF’s .NET 5+ offering. At present, EF Core supports key XAF technologies/capabilities including advanced security and comprehensive audit trail support. EF Core also offers better performance when compared to EF 6. For more information, see Porting from EF 6 to EF Core.

This section describes the use of the Entity Framework 6 (EF) data model in XAF.

It is recommended that you first review the Business Model Design topic to learn when and why to choose EF 6 as the data layer in your XAF application.

To learn how to install EF 6, refer to the Get Entity Framework topic. Entity Framework 6 support in XAF is provided by the DevExpress.ExpressApp.EF6.v21.2.dll assembly. The supported version of EF 6 is 6.1.3. Higher versions are currently untested and may cause errors.

To install version 6.1.3, run the following command in the Package Manager Console: “PM> Install-Package EntityFramework -Version 6.1.3“. If you use the Solution Wizard to create a EF 6-based XAF solution, then EF 6 is installed automatically by the wizard.


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We extensively test our Entity Framework support against Microsoft SQL Server only.

Please contact us if you encounter issues with other database providers.

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