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Draw Cross-Band Lines and Boxes

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This document explains the basics of using cross-band controls and describes their main features.

Cross-band controls are used to draw lines and rectangles through several bands, as opposed to XRLine, XRShape and XRPanel controls that can be used only within a single band.

The following two cross-band controls are available.

  • XRCrossBandLine allows for the drawing of vertical lines, which are not restricted to a particular band. For example, it can be used to emphasize a report section consisting of multiple band areas.
  • XRCrossBandBox allows for the drawing of rectangles through several bands. It can be used to encompass a report section consisting of multiple band areas.

To add a cross-band control to the report, drag the appropriate control from the toolbox DX.18.2: Report Controls tab and drop it onto the report's area.


At runtime, to specify the bands at which a cross-band control starts and ends its drawing, use the following properties.

And to specify the control's coordinates (measured in report units) within these bands, use the following properties.


We recommend that you start and end cross-band controls on paired bands (Report Header/Footer, Page Header/Footer or Top/Bottom Margin). Otherwise, these controls can be incorrectly drawn in the report document.


Cross-band controls cannot start/end on a vertical band.