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Report Explorer

This panel reflects a report’s structure in a tree-like form and provides access to various components assigned to a report (such as its data sources). You can right-click a component to customize its settings or add it to the Report Gallery.


You can change the location of elements in a report using drag and drop.


Right-click an element in the Report Explorer to invoke its context menu.


The Report Explorer indicates data-bound controls with a yellow database icon. You can learn about an element’s data bindings by placing the mouse pointer over it.


Other Report Explorer features include:

  • Access to a report’s collection of visual styles.


    Dropping a style onto a report element assigns to it the corresponding style settings.


    You can select all report elements to which a specific style is assigned.


  • Access and manage a report’s collection of formatting rules (available only in the legacy binding mode).


    Dropping a formatting rule onto a report element applies this rule this element.