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Report Design Analyzer

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The Report Design Analyzer shows errors, warnings, and information messages that help users create or enhance a report layout in the Web End-User Report Designer.

Report Design Analyzer

Invoke the Report Design Analyzer

Click the bell icon in the status bar to invoke the Report Design Analyzer.

Invoke the Report Design Analyzer

Because of the Report Designer’s client-server architecture, the Report Design Analyzer updates the error list upon a timeout. Click the Collect Errors button to update the error list immediately.

Collect Errors

Filter Messages

You can filter messages by one of the following categories:

Filter Messages in the Report Design Analyzer

  • Creation

    Messages about report creation (for instance, notifications about invalid property values or unreachable sources of content).

  • Layout

    Layout-related messages (for instance, in cases when report controls overlap each other or extend beyond the report’s printable area).

  • Scripts

    Messages that highlight issues in report scripts (for instance, errors in script syntax).

  • All

    All of the above-mentioned messages.

Correct the Issues

Each message contains a recommendation on how to correct an issue. Click the Plus icon in front of the message to expand the recommendation.

Expand a Recommendation in the Report Design Analyzer

The message’s Source column contains a reference to the control or script that caused the issue. Click the reference to navigate to this control or script.

Navigate to the Source Control

See the following topic for the list of messages that can appear in the Report Design Analyzer: Errors, Warnings, and Information Messages.