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Property Grid

  • 3 minutes to read

This document describes how to use the Property Grid to access and customize the report’s and report elements’ settings.


Select a Report Element

Perform one of the following actions to select an element and show its properties in the Property Grid:

  • Select an element in the drop-down list at the top of the Property Grid.


  • Click an element in the design surface.

  • Select an element in the Report Explorer.

Property Grid Tabs

The Property Grid displays properties in tabs.


Refer to the Customize the Property Grid in the End-User Report Designer topic for details on how to move a property to another tab or create a new tab and place specific properties in it.

Favorite Properties

The Favorites tab displays favorite or most frequently used properties.


See Use Favorite Properties in the Report Designer for more information on how to customize the favorite property list.

Change Property Values

The Property Grid displays a green marker if a property’s default value changes.


Right-click a property’s editor to reset the value.


Specify Expressions

If expression bindings are enabled, the Property Grid allows you to specify expressions that can include two or more data fields and various functions. Click a property marker to see whether the invoked context menu has the PropertyName Expression item.


Click this item to specify an expression in the invoked Expression Editor.


The Property Grid highlights properties that have an assigned expression.


Click a property’s marker and choose Reset to reset the property value.



The Reset command resets the both the expression and the value you specified using the property editor.

Search Properties

The Property Grid’s search box allows you to search for a property. When you type within the search box, the Property Grid automatically creates a search criteria based on the entered text and filters the list of available properties.


If you type two substrings separated by a space character, these substrings are considered as individual conditions combined by the OR logical operator. To find properties that contain both substrings (i.e., to use the AND logical operator), enclose the entered string in quotation marks.

Switch to the Previous Version

Do the following to switch back to the previous Property Grid version:

using DevExpress.XtraReports.UI;

// ...
ReportDesignTool designTool = new ReportDesignTool(new XtraReport());
PropertyGridDockPanel propertyGrid = (PropertyGridDockPanel)designtool.DesignRibbonForm.DesignDockManager[DesignDockPanelType.PropertyGrid];
propertyGrid.UseOfficeInspiredView = false;