Add a New Report to an ASP.NET Core Application (CTP)

This tutorial describes how to add a new report to an ASP.NET Core application at the Visual Studio design time.


Consider the following ASP.NET Core application prerequisites:

  • Install .Net Core 2.1 SDK or later.
  • Install Visual Studio 2017 version 15.7 or later with the following workloads:

    • ASP.NET and web development
    • .NET Core cross-platform development

Create an ASP.NET Core Application

Do the following to create a new ASP.NET Core Web Application in Visual Studio:

  1. Create a new project by selecting File | New | Project in the main menu or pressing CTRL+SHIFT+N.


  2. In the invoked New Project dialog, expand the Installed category, select Visual C#, and then select ASP.NET Core Web Application. Specify the application name and click OK.


  3. Select .Net Framework or .NET Core in the top-left drop-down box. Then select ASP.NET Core 2.0 in the version selector drop-down list. Choose Web Application (Model-View-Controller) and click OK to create the project.


Add a Report to the ASP.NET Core Application

Do the following to add a report to your ASP.NET Core application:

  1. Start by creating a new folder (named Reports) to store the application's reports. Switch to the Solution Explorer window (by pressing CTRL+ALT+L), right-click the application item and select Add | New Folder.

  2. Right-click the created folder and choose Add | New Item... in the invoked menu.


  3. In the invoked Add New Item dialog, select the Installed | Visual C# | Reporting category and the DevExpress Report (.NET Standard) item template. Specify the report name and click Add.


    This adds a blank report template in the XML format to the project (the report layout is stored as an embedded resource in the ASP.NET Core application).


    Double-clicking this file invokes the Report Designer.


    See the First Look at the Report Designer topic to learn about basics of creating reports in Visual Studio.

  4. Specify data connections to design a data-bound report.

    Open the appsettings.json file, add the ConnectionStrings section and specify the required connection strings.

    "ConnectionStrings": {
        "northwind": "XpoProvider=MSSqlServer;Server=localhost;User Id=;Password=;Database=Northwind;Persist Security Info=true"

    Invoke the report's smart tag and choose Design in Report Wizard.


    This runs the Report Wizard, where you can choose to create a data-bound report.



Next Step: Create a Simple Data-Aware Report

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