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HTML5 Document Viewer

This section describes the Web Document Viewer which supports HTML5/JS and is used to display an interactive document preview in ASP.NET WebForms applications.

  • Quick Start

    Add a Document Viewer to an existing application or create a new one using the Project Wizard.

  • Mobile Mode

    Learn about the mobile Document Viewer mode for phones and tablets.

  • API and Customization

    Explore the Document Viewer's customization options.

  • Localization

    Localize the Document Viewer's UI.


The HTML5 Document Viewer includes the following main features:

  • Asynchronous document building;
  • Pixel-perfect document rendering;
  • The multi-page mode enabling you to display an entire document;
  • A flexible client-side customization mechanism;
  • An application's modern look and feel;
  • Support for in-place content editing.