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Conditionally Change a Band's Visibility

  • 2 minutes to read

This topic describes how to change report band visibility.

Set a band’s Visible property to an expression to conditionally change the band’s visibility based on a field’s value or a parameter.

The report created in this tutorial contains two Detail sub-bands with different report controls. These sub-bands are used to display discontinued and current products.


Follow the steps below to see how to change sub-band visibility based on the Product‘s Discontinued field value.

  1. Bind your report to the Products table from the Northwind database.

  2. Add two Sub-bands to the Detail band, and drag the XRLabel from the Toolbox to the first sub-band and XRTable to the second sub-band.


    Bind Label1 and TableCell1 to the ProductName field. Add an XRPictureBox control to the TableCell2 and specify its ImageSource property. This picture will serve as an indication of discontinued products.


  3. Select SubBand1 and switch to the Visual Studio property grid. Switch to its Expressions section and click the Visible property’s ellipsis button.

    In the invoked Expression Editor, specify the Iif(![Discontinued], true, false) expression.

    This expression sets the Visible property to True or False based on the Discontinued data field’s value.


    Do the same with SubBand2. But use the [Discontinued] expression.


As a result, Print Preview displays how changes to band visibility influence the Product List. The SubBand1 is used to display products that have the Discontinued field set to false, and the SubBand2 is used to display discontinued products.