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Conditionally Change a Label's Text

This document describes how to display different values in a report control based on a specified logical condition.

After you bound your report to data and specified a bound data field in a report control’s Expression property, you can make this control display different values based on a specified logical condition.

  • Invoke the control’s smart tag and click its Expression property’s ellipsis button:


  • This invokes the Expression Editor where you can specify the required expression:


    Use the Iif function to define the condition. For example:

    Iif([UnitsOnOrder] == 0, ‘None’, [UnitsOnOrder])

    This expression means that if the UnitsOnOrder data field’s value is zero, the control’s text is set to ‘None‘; otherwise, it displays the UnitsOnOrder field’s value.

When switching to Print Preview, you can see the report control displaying the assigned values:


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