SwitchColumn.TextOn Property

Gets or sets the text that indicates the ON state of switches in data cells (Android) and of a segmented button in an auto-filter panel's cell (both iOS and Android) of the grid's SwitchColumn.

Namespace: DevExpress.Mobile.DataGrid

Assembly: DevExpress.Mobile.Grid.v18.1.dll


public string TextOn { get; set; }
Public Property TextOn As String

Property Value

Type Description

A string value that specifies the text displayed on a switch's ON element.

Use the TextOn, SwitchColumn.TextOff and SwitchColumn.TextUndefined properties to customize the text displayed within switches in data cells and auto-filter panel's cell in the grid's SwitchColumn. For example, the code below displays NO/YES instead of the default OFF/ON.

<dxGrid:SwitchColumn FieldName="Shipped" TextOn="Yes" TextOff="No"/>


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