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.NET Standard 2.0+

XpoDefault.GetDataLayer(String, XPDictionary, AutoCreateOption, out IDisposable[]) Method

Creates a data access layer.

Namespace: DevExpress.Xpo

Assembly: DevExpress.Xpo.v22.1.dll


public static IDataLayer GetDataLayer(
    string connectionString,
    XPDictionary dictionary,
    AutoCreateOption defaultAutoCreateOption,
    out IDisposable[] objectsToDisposeOnDisconnect


Name Type Description
connectionString String

A connection string.

dictionary XPDictionary

A persistent classes metadata provider.

defaultAutoCreateOption AutoCreateOption

Specifies whether XPO can create a database or update its schema.

objectsToDisposeOnDisconnect IDisposable[]

An array of IDisposable objects the data store provider creates internally.


Type Description

An IDataLayer object.


If the application no longer needs a data layer object, dispose each object on the objectsToDisposeonDisconnect array.

If the value passed to the connectionString parameter is a reference to Data Store Service (URL), the method connects SimpleDataLayer to a Data Store Service client.

The GetDataLayer method throws CannotFindAppropriateConnectionProviderException in the following situations:

A connection string does not contain the XpoProvider attribute and XPO cannot infer the provider name from other attributes.

To get a fully qualified connection string, use the GetConnectionString method of a corresponding connection provider.

A connection string references a Data Store Service and a target platform is .NET Standard or .NET Core.

To connect a .NET Standard/.NET Core project to a Data Store Service, create and configure DataStoreClientAsync or CachedDataStoreClient. For additional information, see WCF Client in .NET Core.


Dispose of a data layer instance when it is no longer in use to release the resources it holds.

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