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WPF Theme Designer

The Theme Designer is a standalone tool that allows you to modify and create new themes based on built-in DevExpress WPF Application Themes.

Download WPF Theme Designer 18.2 (Download zip)

The Theme Designer is distributed as a ClickOnce installation package. ClickOnce checks for updates on each application run.

The following links provide more information on the Theme Designer for WPF:

  • Prerequisites

    Contains information on the WPF Theme Designer installation and settings.

  • Workspace

    Describes all visual elements, tools, and commands.

  • Get Started

    Provides information on how to create, edit, save, and implement an edited theme in your application.

  • Build and Export New Themes

    Provides information on how to build and export themes created with the Theme Designer.

  • Import Themes

    Provides information on how to import custom themes from the Theme Editor to the Theme Designer.

  • Upgrade Themes

    Provides information on how to upgrade your themes to a newer DevExpress version.

  • Edit a theme in XAML

    Provides information on how to edit your theme source files.


The WPF Theme Designer supports DevExpress WPF Controls v17.1.6 and higher. Download the old version of the WPF Theme Designer to work with v17.1.2 and v17.1.5.