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TreeListOptionsDragAndDrop Members

Contains options that control node drag-and-drop functionality.


Name Description
TreeListOptionsDragAndDrop() Initializes a new instance of the TreeListOptionsDragAndDrop class.


Name Description
AcceptOuterNodes Gets or sets whether the current TreeList accepts nodes being dragged from another TreeList control.
CanCloneNodesOnDrop Gets or sets whether end-users are allowed to clone nodes using drag-and-drop.
DragNodesExpandDelay Gets or sets the amount of time (in milliseconds) before the node is expanded when another node is dragged over it.
DragNodesMode Gets or sets whether single or multiple nodes can be dragged simultaneously, or whether the drag-and-drop functionality is disabled.
DropNodesMode Gets or sets how the SHIFT key modifies the drop position of a dragged node.
ExpandNodeOnDrag Gets or sets whether collapsed nodes are automatically expanded when the node currently being dragged is hovered over them.
InsertNodesInSelectionOrder Gets or sets whether nodes being dragged are dropped in the order they are in the tree list, or in the order they are selected.


Name Description
Assign(BaseOptions) Copies settings of the specified object to the current object.
BeginUpdate() Locks the BaseOptions object by disallowing visual updates until the EndUpdate or CancelUpdate method is called. Inherited from BaseOptions.
CancelUpdate() Unlocks the BaseOptions object after it has been locked by the BeginUpdate method, without causing an immediate visual update. Inherited from BaseOptions.
EndUpdate() Unlocks the BaseOptions object after a call to the BeginUpdate method and causes an immediate visual update. Inherited from BaseOptions.
Equals(Object) Determines whether the specified object is equal to the current object. Inherited from Object.
Equals(Object, Object) static Determines whether the specified object instances are considered equal. Inherited from Object.
GetHashCode() Serves as the default hash function. Inherited from Object.
GetType() Gets the Type of the current instance. Inherited from Object.
MemberwiseClone() protected Creates a shallow copy of the current Object. Inherited from Object.
ReferenceEquals(Object, Object) static Determines whether the specified Object instances are the same instance. Inherited from Object.
Reset() Resets all options to their default values. Inherited from BaseOptions.
ToString() Returns a string representing the currently enabled options. Inherited from BaseOptions.
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